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Which of the SquareD range of pressure switches are still available?

There have been many changes in the manufacturing and supply structure of Square D products since becoming part of Schneider Electric. The Square D range has been rationalised in some cases, especially where duplicate or similar products exist in what was the Telemecanique (now Schneide rElectric ) range. Some of what were Square D pressure switches are made in Europe and readily available under the normal ordering system, others are brought in from USA on special order.

In both cases the original Square D part numbers are still used, e.g. 9012 ADW1, or 9013FSG2 etc. The ordering process to determine availability will be to attempt to order through the normal process in the first instance.
The ACW* references have been altered slightly for ordering purposes - eg 9012ACW1M11 is now ACW1M119012
Should the switch you require appear to be unavailable then, in the UK, contact Technical Support on 0870 608 8606, who will determine if the original product can be obtained or suggest a possible alternative.
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