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What is the fire resistance of the K1 and K2 cam selector switches?

Flammability tests conducted on Schneider Electric K1 and K2 cam selector switches in accordance with the UL94 standard have demonstrated the following characteristics:
  • Switch head: HB
  • switch cam: V2
  • Other parts of the switch excluding the head and the cam: VO
Notes regarding the UL94 standard;

Due to their organic nature, the degree to which polymers are affected by a combustion reaction in the presence of oxygen in air varies.
There are several methods which can be used to categorise them according to their fire behaviour.
The UL94 standard consists of analysing the behaviour of a horizontal or vertical bar when subjected to the action of a gas burner flame.
The result is classification of either; HB, V2, V1 or V0 which specifies an increasing resistance to fire. The highest resistance being V0, the lowest HB. 
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