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How can I replace a faulty safety monitor on an existing AS-i network?

To replace a safety monitor, part number ASISAFEMONx, with an identical product, it is necessary to check whether the monitor which is to replace the faulty monitor is new (has never been configured) or used (has already been configured).

If replacing with a new monitor (that has never been configured)
a) Use the ASISCM transfer cable between the faulty monitor and the new monitor, following the procedure given in the monitor's manual.

b) If this procedure fails (memory faulty), wire the new monitor in place of the old one, connect it to a PC using the ASICPC cable, and re-load the configuration as for an initial monitor configuration.

If replacing with a monitor that has already been configured (used)
it is essential to use the procedure given in b) above. The procedure in a) does not work.
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