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What upgraded functions of the SFT2841 expert HMI are inaccessible with the advanced HMI (integrated or remote)?

SFT2841 (expert HMI) and the advanced HMI both allow changes to be made to Sepam parameters. However, the SFT2841 also offers the following functions in addition to the advanced HMI:
  • Output configuration
  • Assignment of indicator LEDs.
  • Production of customised labels for indicators
  • In addition, the SFT2841 offers functions not provided by the advanced HMI, including:
  • Saving and printing of parameters
  • Global uploading of parameters from prepared files
  • More extensive Sepam diagnostics
  • Downloading and display of disturbance recording (also using SFT 2826)
  • More sophisticated alarm management (alarm history)
  • Sepam updates in connected mode.
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