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What is the best dimension of exchange tables in IO scanning, for ATV variable speed drives equipped with an Ethernet card?

ATV38, ATV58, ATV61,ATV71,ATV600 and ATV900 drives have an IO Scanning table which can be used to predefine an exchange table of 10 input words and 10 output words updated on each PLC scan.

It is advisable to configure the sizes of exchange tables with a maximum length of 11 words for the I/O tables even if they are not fully used, because if other devices with the "IO Scanning" function are added, they will take adjacent addresses and the tables will have to be shifted.

Important: The "application" layer is Modbus, therefore 1 read/write word is shifted."
NOTE: The ATV38 and the ATV58 are obsolete drives the ATV38 is out of service life and the ATV58 will be at the end of 2011 and now ATV61 and ATV71  are obsolete replaced by the ATV600 and ATV900 series drives.
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