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How should I configure the bus communication parameters of an ATS46 equipped with a VW3-G46301 coupler without the PC software?

This is an obsolete drive and its service life ended in 2007 so all parts for this are now unavailable. The possibility of anyone trying to install these on a new system is remote and they would be advised to choose either the ATS48 or the ATS22
But to answer the question, firstly we will have to use the Windows Hyper Terminal and send an ASCII frame.
Cable Connections at the VW3G46301                         
  • RX    pin 2                              
  • TX     pin 3
  • Com pin 5
  • Link pins 6 to 7
  • Link pins 1 to 4
 At the PC end the TX and RX cross over on pins 2 and 3. Pin 5 remains as Common
 In the Hyper Terminal Mode configure COM1 port as follows:
  • Speed : 9600 Baud
  • Parity : Odd
  • Data Bits : 8
  • Stop Bit : 1
  • Flow Control : None
Frame to be sent with x corresponding to the communications parameters.
After each configuration request is re-written
When a command is sent the COM LED (red) goes out and the OK LED (green) comes on.
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