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I have an Infrascan PIR and the load turns on, off on , off etc for no apparent reason?

Perform the following checks:

  1. Check that there is power available at the Infrascan.
  2. Check that the sensitivity adjustment is not set too low.
  3. Check that the installation is correctly wired (broken connection or wire).
  4. Check that the detector window is not obscured.
  5. Check that there are no plants or branches moving in the wind or animals within the detection area
  6. Check that the installation is correctly wired and that the insulation hasn’t broken down.
  7. Check that the load has not been connected directly to a two wire circuit in a multiple Infrascan installation
  8. Check that the lamp load is not too close to the detection window.
  9. Check that the power factor correction capacitors are fitted to gas discharge lamps (eg. fluorescent lamps).


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