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What is happening if the Smart Wireless Lighting seems to change by itself?

Smart control commands are heavily encrypted. As such unexpected changes to the lighting in one or more rooms can only be caused by Smart Controllers that have the same switch settings being operated nearby, for instance in adjacent rooms or neighbouring apartments that have the Smart system.

The best way to avoid conflicting operation is to plan the switch settings in advance for all adjacent and nearby systems. However it is still possible that interference could occur if a new Smart system is installed locally. In this case, the House switch settings on the Controller of the affected room(s) will need altering as follows.
(Note that access to the Receivers will be required to press the Receiver buttons during this process).

1. Change the coding of the House switches on the Controller of an affected room by moving one (or more) switch to its alternate position. The associated Receivers will no longer respond. Note that at least one switch needs to be in the up position.

2. Check that the new switch setting does not interfere with other rooms or neighbouring systems.

3. Once a House switch setting has been found that does not interfere with other Smart systems the channels of the associated Receivers will need to be reassigned in effect starting a new installation. As long as the Receivers are assigned to the same channels as before, stored scenes will be not be affected.

4. If there are more Controllers for the same room, their switch settings should also be updated. Ensure a note is made of the new switch settings
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