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How do I specify Joy Stick XKDF Piggy Back Contacts?

Piggy Back Contacts give an additional signal contact duplicating the contact signal of the contact to which they are attached.
For a Normally Closed (NC) Contact they give the same signal, however if a Normally Open (NO) Contact is used the sense of the signal is reversed.
Piggy Back contacts are fitted on the back of a selected existing contact marked in the scheme.
The switch at the same point as the contact that they are mounted on.
Piggy Back contacts can be either
  • Normally Open (NO) Part Number ZB2BE101
  • Normally Closed (NC) Part Number ZB2BE102

Contact Block Normally Open used for XKDF joy sticks and other applicationsContact Block Normally Closed used for XKDF joy sticks and other applications
ZB2BE101 & ZB2BE102 Contact Blocks

Use the scheme sheet box marked "Lever Gate" to enter the details of the contact type that you require and a * on every contact in the scheme sheet drum to specify where the contact is required.
Example of part of the XKDF Scheme showing how the Piggy Back contacts should be marked up
Note: It is not possible to use the Automated On-Line tool to configure "Piggy Back" contacts
Note: There is an additional charge per contact, however this is only the list price of each additional contact fitted.
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