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What are the advantages of Smartphone Appli and Enerlin X - FDM128 vs FDM121?

Comparing to FDM121, using Smartphone application or FDM128 has a display that can bring some advantages.
The Free of charge smartphone application provides optimal usage, intuitiveness and enables people to takeaway and share the useful data.
FDM128 is easy to install and it offers cost effectiveness in achitectures, with more than 3 devices to display.

  Smartphone Appli FDM128 FDM121
Power supply Self powered 24V Powered by ULP
Size Smartphone display 7 inches 5 inches
Resolution Smartphone resolution 320 x 240 pixel 128 x 128 pixel
Color Yes Yes No
Interaction Tactile & more intuitive Tactile Pushbutton
Number of devices 1 at once 8 1
Mobility Yes No No
Connection Bluetooth Ethernet ULP
Physical installation N/A 22 mm round hole Square cut
Working distance 10m Up to 100m <5m
Price Free 350EUR for 8 devices 90EUR for 1 device tbc
Aging No Yes Yes
Data sharing Yes No No
hat are the advantages of Smartphone Appli and FDM128 vs FDM121?
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