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What is the usage of VPS (voltage power supply) module of Micrologic X in MTZ air circuit breaker? What is the difference from 24V?

The Micrologic X’s internal voltage power supply module (VPS) is an optional module of Micrologic X control units. It allows to have power supply on the Micrologic X control unit (24VDC) even in the cases where there is not enough current going through the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker or if there is no external power supply. It allows to make operational, like some of the advanced functions inside Micrologic X, in particular the local HMI.

Three important things to remind:

  1) Basic protection are independent of this VPS module.
  2) During a trip event, this module is not able to provide power to the Micrologic X control unit (due to the fact that the power is coming downstream the circuit breaker).
  3) This module is a compulsory option when Micrologic 7.0 X is required.

MTX Micrologic Control unitMTZ Micrologic contrl unit schematic
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