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How do you define the reference for IKQ Three Phase distribution boards?

In the IKQ catalogue see section 1 which is attached as a PDF to this F.A.Q please see page 7 to 8 In this section of the catalogue SE8386 (see attached) you will find the part numbers and descriptions of the distribution boards to which we offer.

Explained below is how to work out part number for Three phase boards only, for Single phase boards please see FAQ FA289240
Three Phase boards:
The Example we will use is SE12B250 which is 12 ways i e 4 triple pole ways 250A
All boards will start with the Reference SE followed by the ways , for example12, this would be 3x4 single pole to make up three phase etc which go from 12,18,24,36,48,54 to 72 max, next bit of the part number is the board type B i e Three phase B board then followed by the board Ampage 250 these will always be rated to 250A but you can swap incomers from 125A up to 250A depending on your application needs.


SE12B250 - 4 TP Way 250A B board

SE18B250 - 6 TP Way 250 B Board

SE24B250 - 8 TP Way 250 B Board

SE36B250 - 12 TP Way 250 B Board

SE48B250 - 16 TP Way 250 B Board

SE54B250 - 18 TP Way 250 B Board

SE72B250 - 24 TP Way 250 B Board


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