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How to define the part number of NSX for motor protection?

You will need to determine if you require a magnetic or thermal magnetic motor protection and take into consideration other factor's I.E load, Current, Voltage, Motor Starting (D.O.L or soft start)

Compact NSX motor circuit breakers are designed for motor-feeder solutions using:

i) three devices, including an MA or 1.3 M magnetic only trip unit.

ii) two devices including a TM-D or 2 M thermal magnetic trip unit. They are designed for use with contractors in the AC3 utilization category (80 % of all cases) and they ensure
type-2 coordination with the contractor.

For the AC 4 utilization category, the difficult conditions generally make it necessary to oversize the protection circuit breaker with respect to the AC 3 category.

Micrologic for NSX selsction chart

Please see the attached PDF pages A48 - A59 for clarification and product selection.
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