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How to define the part number of NSX Vigi unit for earth leakage detection?

To define the part number of the vigi trip, you need to identify the frame size (current rating) and number of poles of the NSX breaker to be attached to the vigi module. 
Use the attached PDF file and selection chart to help you determine the correct Vigi Unit for the intended application.
i) For Type and Sensitivity see page A35 of the NSX catalogue 2008.
ii) For Product part number see selection chart below.

A four pole vigi unit can be installed on a three pole MCCB  if the following part number LV429214 is used. There are also other factors to take into account if the distribution board has a neutral then you would need to also fit a neutral linking kit to the vigi unit part number NSNL250 for upto 250A and part number NSNL630 for upto 630A.

Compact NSX Micrologic overload protection for Motors selection chart
 Vigi module selection chart
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