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How to program pulsed output on PM5000 meters, PM5111 PM5341 PM5561?

With earlier firmware versions of these meters it was not possible to set the pulse setting through meter front display.
Updating to the latest available firmware version, that is compatible with your meter, will allow you to set the pulse setting from the display, alternatively you can use the ION setup software.

Please note:
  •  To be able to set the pulse setting from the device the minimum Firmware version 1.6.4 must be applied.
  •  To use the ION setup the firmware on the meter must be Firmware version 1.4.7 or above, and the meter must be unlocked. 
  •  Firmware Version 1.X.X can only upgrade to versions 1.Y.Y , it is not possible to upgrade to versions 2.X.X
      e.g. Version 1.4.6 can upgrade to 1.4.7 but not to 2.1.0

ION Setup is available to download from Schneider Electric website, using the link

User guide on programming the output can be found attached to this FAQ
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