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How to define the part number of Acti9 MCB?

In section two of the Acti 9 catalouge pages 2 and 3 see attached PDF for current rating and curve type i.e. B,C and D also if MCB is single phase or three phase and how many poles are required 1,2,3 or 4.

Our MCB,s range from 1A to 63A and our part number's will in this range. start with (A9F) then some more numbers usually five, so in order to obtain the part number for a 6 amp B type single phase MCB the part number is as follows A9F 53 the 5 denotes the breaking capacity ( KA rating) of the MCB this can differ but in this case it is (10KA) at 415V, and 3 denotes curve type B, 4 for curve C, and 5 for curve D, then the third digit denotes single phase, double pole, three phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 wire then the fourth and fifth number denote the MCB's current rating. So therefore the part number would be A9F53106.

Incase of any other breaking capacity then please consult our technical support team.

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