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How to define the part number of Isobar three phase distribution board?

In the Acti 9 catalouge see section 1 which is attached as a PDF  to this F.A.Q please see page 8 to 15 In this section you will find the part numbers and descriptions of the distribution boards to which there are five types.

1) Standard three phase distribution board 250 amp rated. This distribution board accepts the standard 125 amp switch disconector ( SEA91253N ) ordered seperatly . However to achieve the 250 amp rating  the 125amp switch should not be ordered. The Part that should be ordered to achieve the  250 amp rating is an enclosure with main switch see part number ( SEA9NI2504 ) This part comes complete with 400mm enclosure, lugs, terminal sheild and  250 amp rated switch.

2) Meter ready distribution board 125 amp rated ( section starts with part number SEA9BN6M ), this distribution board comes complete with main switch and fuses for meter protection but does not come supplied with incomming power meter.

3) *Split Metered distribution board 125 amp rated is supplied with two power meters the power meters supplied are part number ( IEM 3255 ), however this distribution board does come complete with main incoming isolator.

4) *Split metered distribution board 250 amp rated is supplied with two power meters ( IEM 3255 ) however does not come complete with main incoming isolator.

5) IP55 125 amp Heavy Duty distribution board.Not supplied with main switch.

The main switch for the 250 amp split metered board's are on page 1/10  whilest all main switches for all other distribution boards are found on page 1/12.
* One of the power meters for No's 3 and 4 measures the total consumtion of the distribution board whilst the other power meter measures the consumption of the top part of the distribution board.
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