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How to define a part number of Isobar single phase distribution board?

 First you will need to define what type of distribution board you require for your specific installation, below are the five various distribution boards that we cover.

1) Standard Distribution Board It has only one section for protective devices MCB's
2) Multi Service Distribution Board has two sections one for protective devices MCB's and the other section allows for other din rail mountable devices.
3) Split Load Distribution Board has isolation on both sides of the distribution board this can be achieved with a main isolator for the unprotected ways and RCD for protected ways.
4) Dual Supply Distribution Board for installations that have two supply's e.g main's incoming supply and solar panel supply.
5) Split Metered Distribution Board This will allow the metering of both lighting and power within the same enclosure or any other combination required.
All of the above are 125A rated and have din rail to mount the incoming main switch which is not supplied with distribution boards 1-4 ( Pt No SEA91252). Board No 5 however is supplied with mains incoming switch 2x 50A MCB and 2 meters.

In order to define the reference please check the attached section 1 pages 4 to 6 we cover the single phase distribution boards.
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