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How to define the part number of Power pact 4 MCCB?

When selecting the part number for a MCCB to fit in to the Powerpact 4  Panelboards you must consider the following

- Current Rating
- Number of Poles ( For single pole or double pole you must know which phase will be used to feed these MCCB's - NOTE: if you order a 100A MCCB for L1 phase , it will only ever plug on to L1 busbar inside the board)
- Trip unit type (TMD , Micrologic 2/5/6)
- kA rating (Maximum fault current that the Circuit breaker can handle)

1P and 2P MCCB's Page 10 of the PDF attached - Fixed thermal and magnetic settings - non adjustable - ( 1Pole 25kA at 230v L-N , 2 Pole 85kA at 230v)

3P and 4P MCCB's Page 11 of the PDF attached

<250A MCCB's

up to 250A the MCCB's come with a Thermal Magnetic Trip unit refrenced TM100D for example - this is a 100A version

Thermal (Overload) is adjustable by 0.7 x in and Magnetic (Short Circuit) is fixed up to 160A , 200A and 250A TMD Trip units have adjustable magnetic protection up to 10 x in)

400/630A MCCB's

400/630A MCCB's come with a Micrologic 2.3 Trip unit as standard - This trip unit is an electronic trip unit so rather than the thermal and magnetic operation it uses electronics to trip the  breaker

Overload is adjustable by 0.4 x in and Short circuit is Adjustable up to 10 x in)

In = nominal current rating of the MCCB

For other kA ratings and Trip unit variants see Page 12 of the PDF

Please see attached PDF showing the Powerpact 4 Section of our latest catalogue to select the reference you require
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