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Can I configure the ATV312xxxx variable speed drives with PowerSuite?

Yes, ATV312xxxx drives can be configured with PowerSuite version 2.6, update patch 1.
Power suite has been updated over time so there are now patches 1 to 5 available , patch 5 was the last avaialble patch before the software was replaced by SoMove.
This update patch is available on the website:
From the following location :

Caution: This update patch does not take account of DeviceNet, CANopen daisy chain, or Profibus DP option cards.

However, Powersuite will not work on the latest versions of windows and has been replaced with SoMove. The ATV312xxxx drives can be programmed with the SoMove software and an appropriate cable, part number TCSMCNAM3M002P

The latest version of SoMove can be found on the Schneider UK website and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The software is installed in two stages. First install the standalone version :

Next install the required DTM files for the drive :
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