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How can I migrate an application from an ATV58 to an ATV71 in PowerSuite?

The PowerSuite tool makes it easy to migrate an application from an ATV58 to an ATV71.

To do this, you export the file linked to the ATV58 application (*.58c or *.58f):

  • Use the "File" tab in the main menu and click on the "Export" command.
  • Select the directory where you wish to save the file to be exported, name the file and save it. It will appear in this directory in the file form .58c.
  • Once that this application has been exported and saved you need to open the ATV71 environment in the powersuite:
  • In the "Display" tab of the main menu, click on "Configurations".
  • The "My configurations" directory then appears in the tree structure on the left of the display.
  • In the "My configurations" directory, select "Altivar drives" then "ATV71".  ATV71 then appears greyed out.
  • Right-click on ATV71 and select "import". select your 58c or  58f  file as previously saved and import.
  • The ATV71 file should now have the ATV58 set up loaded in to it.
Power suite software was superseded by the SoMove software, so you will find that the powersuite will not support the later versions of ATV61/71 firmware, so to upgrade from a ATV58 to ATV71 somove file you need to download the ATV58 in to the powersuite and do the conversion as above, but then you ned to download the somove off the internet schneider web page open a new ATV71 file and import the converted ATV71 file.
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