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What is the purpose of the R1 relay in the ATS01 starters?

The R1 relay output for ATS01 indicates that the motor is being controlled by the soft start and is in a running state. It is a normally open contact which closes on the start of ramp and opens when the end of ramp is reached.

It does not indicate a product or application fault as there is no fault or overload detection within the ATS01 series softstarts.
The marking of the R1 relay contacts differ according to the part number of the unit.

The terminals are marked as R1A and R1C for most ATS01 starters apart from ATS01N2**LY/Q variants where the terminals are marked as 04 and 05.

This relay can be used in a number of different ways:

  • As a latch for the line contactor's control coil
  • To signal that the end of ramp has been reached at the end of the deceleration period . (not that the motor is stationary).
  • To signal if the motor is in a running state
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