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Can I use the 63A 3P busbars of the GV2 range on the Tesys U range?

The 63 A 3-pole busbars are identical for pre-wiring several modules of the following type:

  • GV2 circuit breakers
  • LC1D contactor
  • TESYS U starter-controller

These busbars are characterized by:

  • Their pitch: width of the module, exists in 45 mm or 54 mm pitches
  • Their use in terms of number of tap-offs: 2, 3, 4 or 5 tap-offs

Example of composition a part number: GV2G245.

Root GV2Gx: 2 = 2 tap-offs and 45 = 45 mm pitch (distance between LUBxx blocks)

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