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What should I check when I/O scanning exchange between an Advantys STB island and a Premium do not work?

 1 - Check the IP addresses of the PLC and the STB module
 2 - Try pinging the STB module and the PLC from the PC
      If it is working:

 3 - Check configuration of the Ethernet card in the Premium configuration:
   With PL7 Pro and Unity , click on the Ethernet module and check the following parameters:
, The IO scanning box must be selected
  In IP address: The IP address of the STB module has been correctly entered
  In Unit ID: Enter the value 255
  In RD ref slave: Enter the value 5391
  In WD slave ref: Enter the value 0
  On an STB module in Ethernet protocol, images of the NIM I/O are at fixed addresses:
  Images of the outputs begin from address 40001 --> enter 0 in WR slave ref
  Images of the inputs begin from address 45392 --> enter 5391 in RD slave ref

  See example screen shot from Unity.

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