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How can I order other sets of keys for the 30 mm dia. selector switches of the Harmony 9001 range?

Harmony 9001 range selector switches, part numbers:
  • 9001KS11KxR
  • 9001KS43K5R
  • 9001KS53K5R

can only be ordered with the following keys:
  • Ronis No.455
  • E10 (US standard)

No other keys are possible, as is the case for Harmony XB4 or XB5 pushbutton controls.
To obtain a set of spare keys
  • For Ronis No.455 keys, order the part number from the catalogue for a set of 2 keys: ZBG455.
  • For E10 keys, for which there is no part number in the catalogue, the following details must be specified to the Schneider Electric supplier-distributor:        Reference:  2941101100
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