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Why is there a need to set chopping frequency and what are the suitable parameters?

Setting the chopping frequency reduces the noise generated by the motor for all applications requiring a low noise level.

This parameter can be set between 1 and 16 kHz.

To minimize acoustic noise, we recommend increasing the switching frequency:

  • Parameters SFr and nrd in the SET menu (ATV31)
  • Parameter SFr in the settings menu (ATV61 and ATV71)
  • Parameters SFt and SFr in the FUN menu (ATV11)

Reminder for ATV11, ATV31, ATV61 and ATV71

The switching frequency, factory-set at 2.5 or 4 kHz depending on the drive rating, is modulated randomly around these frequencies to avoid resonance phenomena.

This function can be inhibited if it results in instability.

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