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What type of XPS safety relays should be used with XCSDM coded magnetic safety switches?


Coded Magnetic Switches are used to monitor guards and gates as part of safety related parts of control systems.
They must be installed in accordance with standard EN1088 relating to guard locking and interlocking devices.


For compliance with this standard, two main requirements must be satisfied:

Dynamic monitoring of two N/C and N/O contacts, only XCSDMx5xxx products have both these contacts and should be used.

XCSDMx5xxx can only be used in conjunction with XPSDM, XPSMP or XPSMC Preventa safety relays/modules.

Exception for XCSDMx7xx:

XCSDMx7xxx CMSs are not recommended for use in safety applications, since they do not comply with the current standard (these products have been developed to satisfy the obsolete machine market, before standard EN 1088 came into existence).

Important note
Caution: For Coded Magnetic Switches with 3 contacts, the 3rd contact (GY- PK) is a signalling contact which must never be wired onto the safety module.

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