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Is it possible to copy the program out of an LMC20 motion controller?

Published date: 20 September 2018

Yes, it is possible to copy the program out of an LMC20 motion controller.

There can be instances in which an LMC20 needs to be replaced and the program that is stored inside the LMC20 needs to be copied so that it can be loaded into the replacement LMC20.
In these instances you will need a software tool known as CodeSys Service tool.

With the Codesys Service tool, you can upload the boot project from the LMC20 to your PC.
For this, use the function "File -> Upload" in the Service tool.
The boot project contains of 2 files:
1. In the file selection box of the upload function, type manually "DEFAULT.PRG" (in capital letters !!!) and upload it
2. then, type "DEFAULT.CHK" and upload again.

The saved files can then be downloaded into the replacement LMC20.

rev 2/19/18

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