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Do I have to use 2 off LUB12 or LUB32 to obtain reversal of operating direction of a TeSys U motor starter, as in the D series?

The answer is no: to reverse a motor direction using a TeSys U , you need one base unit and one reverser block plus 2 connection accessories.

The base unit is the standard non-reversing power base, which is available in two power ratings:

  • 12 A, part number LUB12 (with screw clamp connections) or LUB120 (no connections)
  • 32 A, part number LUB32 (with screw clamp connections) or LUB320 (no connections)

A reverser block is then added to the power base. There are two reverser block part numbers, distinguished by how they are mounted:

The first reverser block, part number LU2MB0xx, is mounted directly beneath the LUB12 or LUB32 base (part number to be completed based on the control voltage of the control unit).
i.e.: LUB12 or 32 + LU2MB0xx + LU9M1+ LU9MR1C

The second reverser block, part number LU6MB0xx, is mounted separately from the LUB12 or LUB32 base (alongside it when height is restricted).
i.e.: LUB12 or 32 + LU6MB0xx + LU9M1 + LU9MR1

Schneider Electric also sells these reversing starters ready-assembled (part numbers LU2B12xx, LU2B32xx, etc.).

For further information on the TeSys U reversing motor starter controller see the attached document.
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