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What is the meaning of the specification S011 on a LC1F630 contactor?

The following contactors:

  • LC1F630xx (3-pole)
  • LC1F6302xx (2-pole)
  • LC1F6304xx (4-pole)
have steel power poles designed to carry a current of 1000 A in AC-1 duty. 1000 A in AC-1 duty is equivalent to 630 A in AC-3 duty (not applicable to 2-pole contactor).


The following contactors:

  • LC1F630xxS011 (3-pole)
  • LC1F6302xxS011 (2-pole)
  • LC1F6304xxS011 (4-pole)

are identical in every way to those listed above, except that they have silver-plated copper power poles for carrying a current of 1250 A in AC-1 duty.
The LC1F800 contactor is an LC1F630 contactor with modified contacts capable of carrying a current of 800 A in AC-3 duty and 1000 A in AC-1 duty.

Note : The coil voltage is represented in the part number with xx  eg LC1F630F7 this would be a 110Vac coil.
Note: Coils for the F Range contactors are generally sold separately, if so the part number would not have the xx in the part number.

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