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Are TeSys D series contactors available with 4NC (or "NO") ?

The TeSys D contactor family are available as 3 or 4 pole.

No 3-pole contactor in this family has a NC power contact (main pole).

4-pole contactors can consist of either:

2 NC poles + 2 NO poles ( e.g. LC1D98xx, LC(P)1D40008xx, LC(P)1D80008xx) or 4 NO poles ( e.g. LC1DT20xx, LC1D80004xx)

No 4-pole contactors therefore consist of 4 NC poles, but there is a way to obtain this function if required.

To have 4 NC contacts, you can in some cases use a 4-pole contactor with 4 NO contacts and the appropriate mechanical latch block for the contactor part number:

  • LAD6K10x for 3-pole contactors LC1D09xx to LC1D38xx and 4-pole contactors LC1DT20xx to LC1DT40xx 
  • LAD6K10x for 3-pole contactors LC1D40A to LC1D65A and 4-pole contactors LC1DT60A to LC1DT80A
  • LA6DK20x for 3-pole contactors LC1D80 to LC1D150 and 4-pole contactors LC1D80/LP1D80 to LC1D115
  • Information: Operation of an LAD6K10
  • A pulse on the contactor coil causes the contactor to close: terminals A1 and A2
  • Mechanical latching of the LAD keeps the contactor closed
  • A pulse on the LAD coil opens the contactor: terminals E1 and E2

The duration of the control pulse on the mechanical latch block and the contactor must be:

>= 100 ms for AC control
>= 200 ms for DC control

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