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What are the different types of electrical and hydraulic (fluid) connection for XMLA and XMLB pressure switches?

For XMLA and XMLB pressure switches, the last 3 digits of the product code (S11, S12, S13 or S14) determine the thread of the electrical and hydraulic connections

The various types of electrical connection are as follows:

  • S11: PG13.5 (DIN 46255 or NFC 68311)
  • S12: M20 (BS4568)
  • S13: 1/2 -14 NPT (ANSI B2-1)
  • S14: 1/2 PF (JIS B0202)

The various types of hydraulic connection are as follows:

  • S11: 1/4 BSP (ISO 228)
  • S12: 1/4 BSP (BS 2779 or ISO 228)
  • S13: 1/4 -18 NPTF (ANSI B1.20.3)
  • S14: 1/4 PT (JIS B0203)

Note :

  • There is no male hydraulic connection.
  • There is also no 1/2" female thread for hydraulic connection.

Caution: Not all variants are possible. You should check the part numbers.

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