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Which type of printer should I use with the "SIS Label" label creation software, part number XBY2U?

The label sheets must be printed using a laser printer.

Printing with an inkjet printer will not produce satisfactory results. The ink will bleed over the "plastic" surface of the label sheet.

The pack supplied with part number XBY2U comprises:

  • CD-ROM with the label creation software SIS Label
  • 9 assorted sheets of precut self-adhesive labels for printing
  • 7 templates corresponding to the various types of label sheets (sold separately)
These templates correspond to the following label types:
  • ZB6YA013, ZB6YC013, ZB6YD013,
  • ZBY1101, ZBCY1101, ZBY4100, ZBY5100.


The templates can be used to check that the texts are centred before they are printed. Sheets ZBY4100 and ZBY5100 come with backing boards and covers to ensure the labels are correctly positioned in their holders (e.g. ZBZ32 & ZBZ33).

The labels can be customised, for example by changing the font size and by printing 2 lines of text (or more, depending on the format) on a single label.

The software also allows the import of pictograms as .bmp files exported from another program (AutoCAD, Paint, etc.).

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