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Can TeSys T be connected to Profibus?

Yes, TeSys T motor management modules can communicate with all the most commonly used protocols.
The LTM R controller has a communication interface for remote monitoring and control of the motor, therefore all motor data is available at control system level.
The available networks are:
Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP,
Ethernet TCP/IP.
The TeSys T offer is structured as follows:
Current monitoring
3 ratings: 8 A, 27 A, 100 A, resulting in 3 different part numbers: LTMR08xxx, LTMR27xxx, LTMR100xxx
Two power supply ranges: 24 VDC and 110-240 VAC, indicated respectively by the letters BD and FM at the end of the part number. For example, LTMRxxxBD
Five possible networks indicated by the letters M (Modbus), C (CANopen), D (DeviceNet), P (Profibus) and E (Ethernet). For example, LTMRxxPxx for Profibus
Caution: The 8 A, 27 A and 100 A ratings can be reduced by the use of current transformers for use with the LTMR08xxx, which can go up to 800 A at the primary: part numbers LT6CTx001 where X = 1, 2, 4, 8 corresponding to 100 A, 200 A, 400 A and 800 A at the primary and 1 A at the secondary.
Voltage monitoring
Two optional modules with the following part numbers can be clipped onto the current monitoring module:
LTMEV40BD: Power supply: 24 VDC
LTMEV40FM: Power supply: 110-240 VAC
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