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What is the hold up time of the rechargeable battery of the TSX7-40 PLCs and how often should it be replaced?

On TSX7-40 PLCs the Ni-Ca rechargeable battery is found inside the processors. The hold up time is 5 weeks if the rechargeable battery is new, and 2.5 weeks after 4 years.

Caution: This ageing depends on the operating temperature.  Only replacement by Schneider's support services is recommended.  These rechargeable batteries must be replaced with the power off.

Caution: The program must be backed up using the XTEL software workshop: .BIN file for V3 type stations. .APP file for V4 type stations. The XTEL transfer tool for V5 type stations.

Caution: Don't forget to retrieve the application data (.DAT file to be created in PL7-3 transfer).
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