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What types of printing are possible on the MAGELIS XBT?

The print command can be given via the dialogue table using word Wn+16.
It is possible to command different types of printing depending on the value of the high order byte:
  • Free format printing:16#01xx
  • Print form:16#04 + (form num from 0 to FF)
  • Print log: $16#0200
  • Print application page:16#05 + (page num from 0 to FF) 

For free format printing, the low order byte gives the length in bytes of the data to be printed (40 words maximum).The terminal then reads the word table at the address end of table +1 on the length given.

The "print command" word is written by the PLC.
This word is written to 16#FFFF by the XBT, to acknowledge the end of the command.
For more details see the MAGELIS setup documentation
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