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Which product replaces XCKJ59 type safety interlock switches?

The nearest direct replacements for Standard XCKJ59xx safety switches with interlocking and electromagnetic locking are the XCSLxx range.

XCKJ59xx was available in many variations of solenoid connector and actuator orientation as well as coil voltages and cable gland threads. Not all these combinations are available in XCSLxx switches, but there is usually one close enough for most applications. Please contact your local Schneider technical support office (in UK 0870 608 8608) for more details.

There is also a much more up to date range of metal or plastic safety switches with solenoid locking/unlocking, the XCSExx and XCSTExx ranges, however, whilst these perform a similar function the physical design is quite different and may require modification of the machine/mountings to replace XCKJ59xx. Please see attached document for details.
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