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Which bistable relay can replace a CA2DK122 contactor relay?

Part numbers CA2DK122, CA2DK22 and CA3DK22 referred to latching contactor relays in the old contactor relay range, which have now been replaced.

They consisted of two N/C contacts and two N/O contacts and two coils, A and E. A pulse on A energised the contactor and a second pulse on E de-energised the contactor.

There is no direct substitution, but there is a complementary solution using CAD control relays:

The solution is to combine two products, a control relay CAD32xx and a latch block LAD6Kxx
 (where xx is the control voltage code)

A pulse on the contactor coil terminals A1 and A2 causes the contactor to close.
Mechanical latching of the LAD6Kxx keeps the contactor closed.
A pulse on the coil of the LAD6Kxx, terminals E1 and E2, opens the contactor.
The duration of the control pulse on the mechanical latch block and the contactor must be:

>= 100 ms for AC control
>= 200 ms for DC control

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