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What are the part numbers for cables connecting a PC and a ZELIO PLC?

Zelio programmable relays have a special communication port which enables them to be programmed and set up using a PC.
The communication ports on a PC are usually USB or 9-way SUBD.
Schneider sells cables that are able to adapt to both these types of port.
There was a range of Zelio PLCs prior to 2005 whose part number began with SR1, whereas the part number for the current ranges begins with SR2 or SR3. The connecting cables are specific to a range, thus the PC-Zelio connecting cable used for the SR2 or SR3 is incompatible with the SR1 range.
For the current SR2xx or SR3xx ranges:
SR2USB01: Connecting cable with USB type PC connector, length: 3 m
SR2CBL01: Connecting cable with 9-way SUBD type PC connector, length: 3 m
An SR2CL06 (USB <-->9-way SUBD) cable can be used to adapt the USB port of the SR2USB01 cable to the 9-way SUBD port of the PC port
For the old SR1xx range
SR1CBL01: Connecting cable with 9-way SUBD type PC connector, length 1.80 m
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