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What is the resistance of our XB4 and XB5 heads to salt spray?

The anti-corrosion performance of surface-treated XB4 and XB5 metal and plastic bezel heads are verified by testing in accordance with ISO 9227, NF 41-002, DIN 50021 and ASTM B117.  These standards describe the salt spray test, which involves spraying a solution of water and salt (NaCl) onto the components until the first signs of corrosion (white rust) appear or red rust appears.

The results are as follows:

  • XB4, metal bezel head (nickel surface treatment) => resistance B2 (superficial attack)
  • XB5, plastic bezel head => resistance B5 (slight discoloration). Initial TH treatment - IP65 and IP66 protection with addition of transparent boots: ZBPA/ZBP0/ZBP0A.

For key heads protected by a zinc-nickel electroplated coating, salt spray tests performed in accordance with IEC 68-2-11 show the appearance of a deposit of white rust after 160 hrs and the appearance of a deposit of red rust after 1500 hrs.

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