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On a Magelis XBTGT display unit equipped with a USB port, how can I install a Runtime version that is earlier than the Vijeodesigner

In Vijeo Designer, if you try to load an earlier Runtime version onto an XBTGT, the following message is displayed:
"You are trying to transfer an earlier Runtime version to the target machine. Cannot continue with installation".
You cannot transfer the application via Ethernet or via the XBTZG935 programming cable.
To successfully complete the transfer, proceed as follows:
  • Plug an empty USB key into the PC.
  • In Vijeo Designer, in the target properties, select "File system" from the "Transfer" menu.
  • Select the path up to the root of the USB stick.
  • Transfer the application (Generate -> Transfer All menu).
  • Plug the USB stick directly into the display unit without shutting it down, and confirm that you want to load the application from the USB port.

The display unit will normally reboot automatically and the new application is loaded onto the display unit from the USB stick.
Remark: This solution only applies to display units with a USB port.

Note: The XBTGT range is now obsolete - the nearest alterantive would be from the Magelis HIM GTO range
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