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Why use ABL8PRExx AND ABL8PRPxx protection modules associated with the power supplies?

All Phaseo switch mode power supplies incorporate protection of their secondary circuit against overloads and short-circuits.
However, it is good practice to use fuses or circuit-breakers in addition to this protection.


These devices are used mainly as isolators when debugging or repairing the machine, but they never trip because the electronic protection built into the power supply is faster.
This means that there is no protection discrimination, and the slightest overload or short-circuit in the control system will result in the test voltage being cut off.
The ABL8PRExx and ABL8PRPxx protection modules offer total output protection discrimination for the switch mode power supply.

Protection modules offer the following advantages:

  • Truly discriminating protection: an overload or short-circuit on one circuit will not affect the other circuits.
  • Easy installation with modules in blocks of 4 protections.
  • For easy selection and guaranteed product availability, each protection can be adjusted from 1 A to 10 A on the front panel.

Only 2 product codes:
  • An Optimum product, ABL8PRE24100, which offers the basic functions of an electromechanical circuit-breaker (protection, isolation and manual reset) with the added benefit of discrimination.
  • A Universal product, ABL8PRP24100, which in addition to the basic functions offers a choice between manual and automatic reset and 2-pole isolation. In addition, the "tripped" data item is available via a volt-free contact for feedback to the PLC.
Correct operation is not guaranteed if a power supply other than an ABL8RPx24xx0 or ABL8WPS24x00 is used.
The choice of power supply depends on the nominal current to be supplied.
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