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What is the default IP address of an M340 PLC?

Schneider products equipped with an Ethernet port have a default IP address which is derived from its MAC address (unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer).
For an M340 PLC, the default IP address format is 84.x.x.x where:
84 = fixed value
x.x.x = the last three fields of the default IP address.
These last three fields are obtained by converting the last three hexadecimal bytes from the MAC address into decimal values.
The MAC address for an M340 PLC is 000053121AC4.
The conversion of the last three bytes from the MAC address into decimal values gives:
Therefore, the default IP address for this M340 PLC is
For more information on this subject, refer to the Unity Pro online help (Deriving IP parameters from a MAC address).
The MAC address is marked on the module.
The method for deriving the IP address of BMXNOE0100 and BMXNOE0110 modules is exactly the same:
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