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How can I set up an ATV31 to run with the integrated display or remote display terminal?

How to set up Schneider ATV31 drives with the integrated display or remote display terminal.
This test can serve as the first stage in a more complex commissioning process.

Please note:

ATV31 drives can be supplied in three different forms:

  • Standard, with integrated display
  • With a remote display terminal, available as an option for the standard drive
  • With an integrated potentiometer (ATV31xxxA)

The simplified setup is very different for each of these 3 forms.

Schneider supplies new drives with identical preset parameters Known as the "factory default setting" 

You can return the drive to the factory settings at any time using the following steps:

CtL menu: CFG = Std 
FCS = InI (the parameter reverts to no at the end).

This sheet assumes that:

The parameters are at their factory settings (as with a new product straight out of the box).
The motor to be driven is a traditional 50 Hz squirrel cage motor, not a synchronous or slip ring motor
The motor to be driven is the same rating as the drive
The setup engineer knows how to use the graphic display terminal or display (confirmation, tree structure)

Standard ATV31

This operation is complicated with the integrated display, but becomes very simple when the remote display terminal is used:

With the integrated display we can only get the refernce from the display the start /stop will be from terminal control using the LI1 with there are no start stop buttons on the front of the unit.

Disable the summing function (sa1)
Disable the preset speed function (ps2 and ps4)
Assign value L3 to the LAC parameter
Assign value Fr2 to UpdH
Set the RFC to Fr2
Assign value CHCF to SEP
Switch on the run command LI1 on +24
Go to parameter rFr in the SUP menu and press the Up/Down keys to increase or decrease.

With the remote display terminal, part number VW3A31101

Plug in the remote keypad (rj45 connector)
CtL menu => LAC = L1 or L2
               => LCC = Yes
Control the drive with the STOP/RESET, RUN and FWD/REV keys
The speed reference should be entered with parameter LFr in the SET menu.

ATV31 with potentiometer on display unit, part number ATV31xxxA

Press the RUN and STOP keys to start the motor
Use the potentiometer to accelerate or reduce the speed

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