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How can I quickly test the functionality of the ATV31 ?

To quickly test the drive connect up the power input and the motor to the advised terminals and turn on the power. 
  • On the first power up the drive should display bFr if it does press the down arrow until drC appears. 
  • If when you power the drive displays RDy then press the enter key and again using the down arrow move to drC press enter and then enter the motor particulars into the parameters and do an Auto Tune. 
  • Now you go to the SET menu and down to LSP and enter a value say 25Hz which relates to half speed on the standard 50Hz motor. 
  • Now if you link +24 on the drive to LI1 the drive should start the motor at half speed if this happens the drive is OK.
  • You would then wire in the control system you require to the drive and using the programming manual set up the drive to function how you require.
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