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What are the legislation changes relating to Schneider Electric PVC conduit solvent adhesive ADH25?

In July 2012, a revision was made to the classification and labelling of Tetrahydrofuran (THF), which is required to be implemented by 1st December 2013.  The legislative changes include:
  • Tetrahyrofuran (THF) has been reclassified as a suspect human carcinogen.
  • If a new product contains more than 0.1% Tetrahydrofuran (THF), it must be stated on the label.
  • New labelling is to include updated warning pictograms and hazardous statements in advance of the 2015 legislation.
  • From 1st December 2013, it is prohibited to sell incorrecly labelled THF products.
Schneider Electric have developed a new Tetrahydrofuran-free formula of PVC conduit solvent adhesive which will be phased in as a direct substitute from 22nd November 2013.
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