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ZelioSoft program construction message. What is the difference between 'Automatic construction of the application' and 'Construction using a file specified by the user'?

The message below displays for one of two reasons.  Either the application being uploaded from the Zelio logic relay is different to the one on the hard drive of the laptop or PC, or it doesn't exist on the laptop/PC.

There are two options available, either 'Automatic construction of the program' or 'Construction using the file specified by the user'.

Automatic construction;
ZelioSoft will construct the application automatically but there will be no comments or mnemonics in the application.

Construction using the file specified by the user;
This will use the selected file to construct the application.  If the programs are identical, it will be consructed automatically, if they are different, there will be two further options, either to update the file on the PC with that contained in the relay (i.e. overwrite the file on the laptop) or to use the code that is in the Zelio relay.

If, when uploading an application from a Zelio Logic relay, the following message appears, it means that either the copy of the project saved on the laptop is different to that in the relay or the application cannot be found on the laptop (i.e. a program is being uploaded from a relay that you haven't programmed).

It may be that the path of the program is incorrect.  If this is the case, then point to the correct file location by selecting 'Construction using the file specified by the user' and select the correct location by clicking on the three dots

If a backup copy of the file does not exist, select 'Automatic construction of the program'.  This will mean that there will be no comments or mnemonics in the uploaded application.

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