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How do I configure the IP address in a 499TWD01100 TwidoPort TCP/IP communications module?

The IP address of a TwidoPort Ethernet interface is stored in the Twido PLC using TwidoSuite software.  This means that the TwidoPort can then be replaced without the need for configuration.
To assign an IP address, follow the steps below;

Select the ‘describe’ tab in TwidoSuite, then choose the appropriate PLC and Ethernet interface (this can be found in the hardware catalogue under ‘Network elements’, then ‘Modbus elements’).

Double click on the Ethernet Interface module and set the required IP address and gateway address (the mac address should be

Double click on the serial port of the PLC and set it as Modbus (address 1 in this example).  Link the Ethernet interface port and Twido comms port together (leave the setting as default).

Download the application serially to the Twido.  Connect the TwidoPort to the PLC using the cable provided, then power cycle the PLC.  The TwidoPort will derive it’s IP address from the PLC.

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