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What is the part number for an AC Drive Potentiometer?

Published date: 28 July 2019

Is there a Potentiometer available for an AC drive?

Product Line:
All Altivar Drives


Customer needs a speed pot for an Altivar drive.

Most of the drives will accept any potentiometer rated between 1k Ohms and 10 k Ohms, 1/2 Watt. See the installation user guide for the specific drive that you are using to determine the specific range that it can use.

Part number ATVPOT25K is a complete 22mm operator with mounting collar and 2.5K ohm potentiometer. This will work with any of the current drive products. The E-Flex, M-Flex and MCC `s all use the ZB5AD922 operator in conjunction with part # 80442-273-02 (2.5k ohm pot)

If you need a 30 mm speed pot you can look at the following part numbers.
2.5K ohm 30mm operator  speed pot  is 9001K2106

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