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Is it possible to program a Twido PLC through the 499TWD01100 TwidoPort Ethernet TCP/IP interface module?

Yes it is possible to program a Twido PLC via the TwidoPort Ethernet interface module.
When configuring an Ethernet connection to a PC in TwidoSuite, the Modbus address defaults to ‘direct’.  This needs to be changed to match the address of the Modbus port of the Twido as the connection between the ethernet module and the PLC is via Modbus.  

To find or alter the Modbus address of the Twido serial port, select the ‘describe’ tab in TwidoSuite, double click on the communication port of the Twido PLC and select an appropriate address (in the example below it is set to address 1).  

Create a new Ethernet connection by clicking on the ‘preferences’ icon in the top right hand corner of TwidoSuite.  

Scroll down to the connection management table and add a new connection (or modify if you have an existing Ethernet connection configured).  Select the connection type as ‘Ethernet’, enter the IP address of the TwidoPort, (FAQ, FA166803 describes how to assign an IP address to a TwidoPort) and select the appropriate Modbus address in the ‘Punit/Address’ column (1, in our example). See below;

Using this new connection, you will be able to communicate to the Twido PLC via the TwidoPort module.

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